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Aussafer Due is an international leader in metalworking using high-technology processes. By combining innovation and professionalism over the years, it has followed the evolution of the sector, becoming a real reference point for the cutting and manufacturing of sheet metal.


Our mission is to completely satisfy our customer’s needs.
In a very dynamic market environment, we seek to offer a service of excellence in high-technology cutting of sheet metal, offering complementary services that integrate the product completion process.

We work with state of the art methodologies in performing additional processes such as fabrication, assembling, machining, and finishing.

Research and development

We target the development of manufacturing processes by investing in innovation, through research and management of advanced technologies, to improve results in terms of optimizing time, costs, quality and finishes.

Problem solving

Advanced IT. Management is common place, allowing greater flexibility in production systems, design and made -to-order work processes which makes our standards extremely adaptable and competitive.


The flexibility of our production system is thanks to our 25,000 square meter facility, along with our highly skilled personnel and state of the art machines; this makes Aussafer capable of meeting the needs of clients from many different industries.