Laser Cutting

We boast the largest laser cutting department in Italy with 9 state-of-the-art fiber laser systems, ensuring maximum flexibility and accuracy in producing laminations for electric motors and generators. All systems are custom designed in collaboration between Aussafer and our technology partners to meet industry needs, offering high precision and high-quality cutting.

Advantages of laser cutting:

  • High precision with tolerances starting from +/- 0.02, concentricity 0.01, roundness 0.03
  • Maximum cutting dimensions of 4000x2000 mm
  • No burrs, burn-in < 5µm, minimal magnetic alteration of the cut profile
  • Capability to produce complex designs
  • Wide selection of pre-insulated silicon steel sheets available in stock for high-frequency applications (NO), with thicknesses ranging from 0.1 to 1mm, all accompanied by 3.1 certification EN10106
  • Standard EC5 or EC3 (BACKLACK) insulations, or special with certified resistivity (Ω/cm²)

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