Complementary operations

In addition to its core laser cutting and sheet metal forming activities, Aussafer Due also offers a range of complementary operations to provide an even more comprehensive service and meet our customers' demands, providing a fully finished product when required.

Mechanical Operations

  • Turning of precision mechanical components.
  • Special machining on vertical and/or horizontal machining centres.
  • Multi pallet CNC machining centres.

Sheet metal edging

Edging work using exclusive equipment offering the highest quality results.

  • 2 systems: diameter from 180 mm to 800 mm max., including all intermediate sizes, 70 mm max. edge height
  • Up to 2 mm sheet metal thickness.
  • Edging on ducting and components for the HVAC and air treatment industry.

Waterjet cutting

FLOW water jet cutting systems

  • Max. working capacity: 3600 x 2500 mm
  • Precision (per linear axis at 20°C ± 2°C).
    Linear positioning accuracy: ± 0.08 mm.
    Repeatability ± 0.05 mm.
  • Thickness up to 150 mm for aluminium – 105 mm for stainless steel.
  • Materials: aluminium and titanium alloys, copper, brass, stainless steel, marble, plastics and composite materials.
  • Cutting without thermal alteration, with a 0.2 mm tolerance. Maintains the original chemical and mechanical characteristics of the material.


  • Hot galvanising.
  • Zinc electroplating.
  • Cataphoresis as protection or as a paint subsurface.
  • Powder or liquid coating.

Additional operations and processes

In addition to its core machining and processing activities, Aussafer Due also offers a number of other processes to provide semi-finished or fully finished products as required by the customer.

  • Straightening.
  • Satin finishing.
  • Finishing and restoration of products.
  • Pipe bending.

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