Metalwork fabrication

To meet our customer requirements and provide products at a more advanced state of processing, Aussafer Due has installed a specific fabrication and assembling department.

The department can count on:

  • 3 welding robots
  • 1 TIG aluminium welding robot

The fabrication activities include:

  • Wire, TIG, and MIG welding by certified welders when required.
  • Robot welding, with multiple lathe and/or orbital positioner.
  • Aluminium welding.
  • Assembly of components and accessories.
  • Provision and assembly of electronic and electromechanical components.
  • Pipe and/or channel cutting, automatic CNC bandsaws and disc grinders.
  • Drilling with multiple column drilling machines, radial drilling machine.
  • Profile punching with universal hydraulic shears.
  • Toolmaking, metal forming, deep-drawing.

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