Aussafer Due is market leader in supplying services of precision laser cutting, sheet metal processing and metal fabrication, a reference point in the domestic and international mechanics markets, and with a dedicated Business Unit for the service of laser cutting and stacking of laminations for electrical machines.

A natural vocation for growth is what leads Aussafer Due to make significant investments and update its high-tech production systems in order to offer a service that meets the requirements of its customers consistently and with excellency.

Technology, innovation and quality are the strengths that set Aussafer Due apart. They are the motor that propels the choices and the activities of every single person in our company: the professionals working with competence to deliver a fast and high quality service.

Production capacity

Aussafer Due employs a 24-hour continuous production cycle, characterised by the very high precision of its machining, excellent finishing, and stringent in-process and post-production controls.
We offer:

  • precision laser cutting
    • electromechanical components and parts for rotating machines
  • punching
  • panel bending
  • press braking
  • metal Fabrication

We also offer a range of complementary operations to complete the manufacturing process, including:

  • waterjet cutting
  • sheet metal edging
  • treatments
  • additional operations and processes

Research and development - Problem solving

To meet all our customers’ requirements, Aussafer Due offers a highly professional co-engineering service, studying ideal and advanced solutions for manufacturing of your products using also rapid prototyping tools.

Our specialised technicians are able to develop new products from customer-supplied drawings as requiring sophisticated 2D and 3D modelling software.

By constant co-engineering, our technical and production departments work together to identify the most effective methodologies and designs required to fulfil customers’ orders.

Logistics and warehouse

We provide support both during the planning and the operational stages.
The warehouse management system uses Kanban methods and Just in Time lean production techniques for restocking raw material stores.
Cutting service even on subcontract materials and subcontract material inventory management.

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