Sheet metal punching

The punching department is one of the strengths in Aussafer Due's production capacity.
It employs 4 punching plants, including two highly automated punch and shear combinations systems.
All punching machines are fully motor-driven for unmanned operation, and have high efficiency and low environmental impact, in line with the environmental compatibility principles of the company.
The punching department processes follow the Industry 4.0 philosophy, are highly automated and work in a continuous cycle to enable rapid turnaround of orders.
In addition to its wide range of standard moulds and folds, Aussafer Due is able to custom design its tools to meet all customer requirements.

Technical details:

  • Sheet metal punch and shear combination.
  • 500x3000 mm work bed, allowing repositioning for larger pieces.
  • 0.5 mm - 8 mm workable thickness on steel and other materials.

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