Logistics and warehouse

Aussafer Due's organizational plan provides for logistical support both during the planning and the operational stages.
The warehouse management system uses Kanban methods and Just in Time lean production techniques for restocking raw material stores.
Cutting service even on subcontract materials and subcontract material inventory management.
Certificates confirming mechanical and magnetic quality characteristics of the materials are available upon request.

Type of materials:

  • Carbon steels.
  • High strength steel (S235 to S900), including microalloyed MC steels.
  • Stainless steels and alloys (430, 304, 316 available from stock) and various surface finishes.
  • Aluminium alloys (5005, 1050, 6082 available from stock) and various surface finishes.
  • Silicon steels (magnetic lamination): properties and grades from M210 and better, range of insulations (C3, C5, C6), including backlack. NO10-20-27-30 available also.
  • Copper.
  • Brass.
  • Bronze.

In this department, Aussafer Due's operational flexibility is also manifest by its ability to create special packaging and crating, tailored to our customers' requirement.


  • A wide range of raw materials, always in stock, to ensure the best service and fast response time for the widest range of requirements.
  • Customised warehouse management.
  • Computerized management planning.
  • Fast delivery in Italy and worldwide.
  • Document preparation for export worldwide.
  • Packaging and crating following safety, precision and economy considerations for all types of shipping and destinations.