Laser cutting offers significant advantages in terms of precision and flexibility for electric, wind, and hydroelectric generator applications.

High precision laser cutting

We have 9 state-of-the-art fiber laser installations that ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy for the production of laminations for electric generators. All installations are customized in co-design between Aussafer and our technological partners to meet the industry's needs, offering high precision and high-quality cutting.


  • Worktable up to 4000x2000 mm
  • Processable thicknesses from 0.35 mm to 20 mm
  • Accuracy starting from ± 0.02 mm


  • C5pre-insulated electrical steel
  • C3 (BACKLACK) pre-insulated electrical steel, specific for wind generators application


Advanced automation with anthropomorphic robots for unloading and automatic control of produced parts


Engineering and creation of custom go/no-go templates for 100% in-line control of laser-cut laminations


POLE Laminations

RIM Laminations

ROTOR Laminations

STATOR Segmented laminations

FULL SHAPE stator and rotor laminations

Damper Plates

Additional services

  • #01Laser cutting of high-reflective materials such as copper (Cu ETP) and brass
  • #02Brushing for the removal of the sharp-edge on end plates
  • #03Reverse engineering of laminations performed with a CMM machine equipped with optical control
  • #04Simulation of stacking for large generators to ensure the correct assembly of all components
  • #05Creation of custom packaging for sea transport, including vacuum bags and equipment for humidity control
  • #06Supply of custom components such as bolts made in 8.8 alloy and mechanical components to complete the generator.
  • #07Grinding & revarnishing with external partners
  • #08Stamping for small&medium series
  • #09Creation of soft tooling

Products made in Aussafer


We create products that satisfy all the requirements requested by the customer, subjecting them to rigorous controls.
Aussafer Due is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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