Aussafer towards internationalization: the german company Hailtec joins Aussafer Group

Aussafer acquires Hailtec, boosting innovation in sheet metal processing and prototyping. A step towards European leadership


Aussafer towards internationalization: the german company HAILTEC joins Aussafer Group

Aussafer transforms Sheet Metal Processing industry with HAILTEC acquisition: Leader in Technology and Innovation

Aussafer has completed its first international acquisition by investing in HAILTEC (, a leading company in the niche of high precision sheet metal and metalworking.

HAILTEC, founded near Stuttgart and led by young entrepreneur Alexander Renz, will bring a significant added-value to the group thanks to its specialization in various market niches, including electronics, e-mobility, micro-precision mechanics, tools making, and medical (certified ISO 13485), for example developing prosthetics in special materials such as titanium. Hailtec shares the common pillars of all group’s companies: people, know-how and technology. The technologies portfolio offered by HAILTEC includes ultra short pulse laser, fine laser cutting (best level of precision in the market), micro water-jet, micro-machining, forming, laser welding, and surface treatments, including cleanroom.

Alexander Renz will remain CEO and shareholder of the company, leading the German division of the group.

Aussafer’s journey towards creating the European leader of the sector is launched, with a turnover of over € 100 million (30% generated abroad) and nearly 500 employees: Aussafer Group is Italy's first high-tech sheet metal processing hub and since December 2020 has been in 21 Invest's portfolio, a European investment group founded and led by Alessandro Benetton. After consolidating its position in the domestic market with the acquisitions of Ramo ( in 2021 and Laserjet ( in 2022, Aussafer signed its 3rd acquisition of HAILTEC, a German company, opening the door to the German market.

Led by the Citossi family, based in the Northeast of Italy, Aussafer Group offers a complete range of high-value-added sheet metalworking, ranging from high-precision laser cutting, stamping, punching, robotized welding, and is capable of accompanying the customer from co-design to the realization of the finished product (dimension from some millimeters, to maximum 14 meters), with a business unit dedicated on high precision laser cutting of electrical steel laminations and e-motor prototyping.

Giacomo Citossi, CEO of Aussafer Group, comments: "The addition of HAILTEC to our group is a fundamental step to transform a national champion into a leading European group. The technological synergy with HAILTEC once again raises the bar in the market for high-precision processing and in the sector of electric motor prototyping. I am happy to have found strong harmony with a young German entrepreneur like Alexander Renz. Both of us look to the future with the ambition to become an international leader".